Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tougher Than Jimmy Brown!

Another lengthy entry today brings us back to the summer of 1962, when we’d be able to sit down with a cold beverage and read through this season preview publication. Of course, the cover attracted our attention with the photo of Packers’ fullback Jim Taylor, so let’s look through the magazine, shall we?

In the spread where they predict the records for all the N.F.L. teams, we see the Bears’ Dave Whitsell trying to block a Jerry Kramer field goal. We’d like to see Daryn Colledge kicking three-pointers for Green Bay sometime. Those were very different days, indeed.

The Packers were correctly predicted to finish in first place in the Western Conference by Ed Friel of the Newark (N.J.) Evening News.

This page analyzes Green Bay’s starting lineup and their prospects for the new season.

This page begins the four-page story on our own Jim Taylor — how he compares with the great Jimmy Brown of the Cleveland Browns.

We bring you some early-Sixties’ football humor with the three cartoons below:

Lastly, we’re going to save our change to send away for some of these fine trinkets. We have a feeling that those Green Bay Packers “New Action Team Statues” are worth a little more than $2.98 these days!


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