Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Week 12 TV Maps

The Week 12 NFL TV Maps have been released. The Green Bay Packers will play the San Francisco 49ers in a Sunday Night Football nationally televised match-up at 7:20 p.m. CT on NBC. The maps below show which other league games will be on in your area on Sunday afternoon.

Maps courtesy of 506 Sports.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

2019 Game 10: Panthers at Packers — Part II

Back with Part II of our photos from the Green Bay Packers vs. Carolina Panthers Week 10 game at Lambeau Field. Here, Panthers players huddle around their heater after halftime.

A close-up of the Packers’ offensive huddle.

The special teams unit before taking the field for a kickoff.

The Packers huddling up in the north end of the field.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) handing off to RB Jamaal Williams (#30) again.

The offensive line recouping on the sideline.

I think the fans did a good job of making noise at this game. The scoreboard prompts tell you what to do if you aren’t aware. Duh.

CB Kevin King (#20) brings down RB Christian McCaffrey (#22) with assistance from a flying teammate.

I wonder what these guys do as far as restroom needs... but I can probably guess.

DL Kenny Clark (#97) and CB Tramon Williams (#38) get a good chuckle out of something.

LB Za’Darius Smith (#55) makes a hit on QB Kyle Allen (#7).

Allen handing off to RB Christian McCaffrey (#22), as he did often.

The Panthers’ medical tent deployed after an injury.

As the snow begins to fall in earnest, RB Aaron Jones (#33) threads his way through the defense.

WR Geronimo Allison (#81) can’t shake the grip of a Carolina defender.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) scrambling to the right, looking for a receiver.

WR-PR D.J. Moore (#12) awaits the football being delivered via P JK Scott’s (#6) foot.

The Carolina huddle.

The Carolina offense trying to get out of a deep hole, field position-wise.

QB Kyle Allen (#7) throwing.

Allen being sacked by LB Za’Darius Smith (#55) with an assist by DL Kenny Clark (#97).

The Packers back on offense

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) waiting for the snap from C Corey Linsley (#63).

DL Kenny Clark (#97) almost getting to QB Kyle Allen (#12).

Carolina gets beyond midfield, going the other way.

DL Kenny Clark (#97) getting another “quarterback hurry” stat.

The crowd getting the decibel meter up over one hundred.

LB Preston Smith (#91) dragging down Allen.

The snow gathering on the unfrozen tundra.

Allen having to run to escape the Packers’ rush.

At the end of the game, the snow was really coming down. 

On the final play of the game, McCaffrey is stopped short of the goal line by LB Preston Smith (#91). Or was he?

The final play is under review to determine whether we would have a TD and an attempt of a 2-point conversion to possibly tie the game (and OT), or if the Packers’ victory is confirmed.

The stadium gets a look at the multiple replays that the referee is seeing.

The Packers’ sideline — mostly on the field — waiting to hear the verdict.

That’s it! The Packers’ eighth victory of the season is confirmed!

The final score, view #1.

The final score, view #2.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) being interviewed after the game.

This what it looks like, sitting in the stands at a Packer game.

The snow pretty much blew into our eyes from the moment it started.

Lambeau Field winter wonderland.

Your Packerville, U.S.A. editor and his nephew enjoyed the game.

The view as the crowd cleared out and the field becomes more snow-covered.

Next up: The home game against the Washington Redskins on Sunday, December 8th.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

2019 Game 10: Panthers at Packers — Part I

This is the first of two installments of our photos from the Carolina Panthers vs. Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field on Sunday, November 10, 2019. For other photos from the game weekend, please visit our Intagram or Facebook pages listed in the column along the right side of this page. 

The day dawned cold and overcast, with, according to the forecast — some flurries during the game.

P JK Scott (#6) signs an autograph for a young fan behind the Packers’ bench. We like to hang out there until about a half-hour before game time to see what’s going on and watch some of the warm-ups, etc.

A panoramic shot from behind the Packers’ bench, which is always on the west side of the field.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) leads a large group of players coming out for their warm-ups before the game.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) leads a large group of players coming out for their warm-ups before the game.

A shot of the Packers’ helmets for the month of November, which includes the “Salute To Service” ribbon decal, a National Guard decal, and the Bart Starr “15” decal, which is there all season. This particular helmet is perched on one of the heating posts along the top of the benches and belongs to LS Hunter Bradley (#43).

The Carolina Panthers team huddle during pre-game warm-ups.

The pre-game coin toss at midfield.

K Mason Crosby (#2) with the opening kickoff.

The Panthers on offense to open the game.

P Michael Palardy (#5) boots it back to the Packers.

Head Coach Matt LaFleur roams the Packers’ sideline.

The Packers on offense, in the south end of the field.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) gesturing some instructions.

Both teams huddle during a timeout.

QB Kyle Allen (#7) throwing.

WR Davante Adams (#17) crossing the field following a reception.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) trying to calm the crowd noise with the Packers on the five-yard-line.

P JK Scott (#6) at work deep in his own territory.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) has to tie his shoes just like everybody else.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) handing off to RB Aaron Jones (#33).

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) gets off a throw to the right, while his blind side is covered by T David Bakhtiari (#69).

The Packer cheerleaders on the north end of the field are bundled up for the chilly weather, just like the rest of us.

K Mason Crosby (#2) kicks an extra point in the south end.

LB B.J. Goodson (#93) makes a stop on RB Christian McCaffrey (#22).

Great field position, huh?

RB Jamaal Williams (#30) seemingly set for the handoff from QB Aaron Rogers (#12).

But it's a fake, as QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) rolls out to the left.

RB Jamaal Williams (#30) gets stopped after a short gain.

The ill-advised run on the final play of the first half. Instead of taking the three points, RB Jamaal Williams (#30) gets stuffed for a three-yard loss.

The score at halftime.

Someone made the decision to green light the halftime Air Force parachute jump into the stadium, despite it being dark, windy, and snowing. Of the multiple jumpers, one nearly ended up in the stands, while another one ended up out on Valley View Road — missing all of the power lines, etc.