Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Outlook in 1963

Our next publication up for your review is a 1963 issue of All-Pro Football, which was a season preview issue of the upcoming football season. Our interest mainly is in the article referenced on the lower left of the cover, “Are The Packers The Best Ever?”

On the inside front cover was a nice shot of the Packers’ fullback Jim Taylor.

Here is the feature article about the Packers and the question of their possibly being the best ever.

This nice photo was the left side of a spread which concludes below — the predictions of finish for the 1963 N.F.L. season. Unfortunately, Green Bay lost twice to Chicago and the Bears went on to win the league championship, their last until after the 1985 season.

This page and the next present the analysis of the Packers’ team and their prospects for winning it all in ’63.


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