Sunday, January 01, 2012

Exhibition Game in January?

This may be the first time that snow has fallen during a Green Bay home exhibition game, as there are “flurries” forecast for Sunday. We are lightheartedly referring to this game as such because of the number of players who won’t play much in order to save them for the next part of the season. We understand the concept, and it can be debated each way — so we’ll see come February 5th whether the Packers are in Indianapolis or not. The Lions come to town this week with much to play for, and we won’t predict how the Packers will fare in this game if the Lions’ starters are playing the whole game, and we’re down to QB No. 3 and behind in the fourth quarter.

Here’s a retro-program cover for Sunday’s game.

Lions’ fans are quite happy that the 0-16 season of 2008 is a distant memory.

And we hope that we’ve seen the last of this kind of thing. Then again, gee, it’d be a shame if Suh lost control again and had to be suspended for the Playoffs.

And now for the bad news… unless you live in the miniscule-sized green area on the map above, you won’t see the game without Direct TV or a trip to your local sports bar. Sorry.


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