Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Some More Auction Finds

It’s time for another installment of “Auction Finds” here in Packerville, U.S.A. Above, a program from the championship testimonial banquet held at the Green Bay Columbus Community Club three days after the Packers beat the Boston Redskins 21-6 for the NFL title.

The game program from a 1956 Intra-Squad game held at Monterey Stadium in Janesville, Wis. This was before that year’s preseason game in Milwaukee on August 18th.

As a side note, Monterey Stadium still exists (seen above), and is the football field utilized by Janesville Parker High School. It is located at 465 Rockport Road.

A 1957 ticket stub from the first game held at the new City Stadium (later to become Lambeau Field), in which the Packers beat the Bears 21-17.

A 1965 Green Bay Packers Wisconsin Public Service broadside schedule.

A press photo from the 1965 Western Conference playoff game, a 13-10 overtime victory against the Baltimore Colts in Green Bay. 

A 1965 sideline photo in an unidentified stadium somewhere on the road.

QB Bart Starr passes in the legendary “Ice Bowl” game — the freezing 1967 NFL championship game on December 31, 1967, a 21-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

A pre-Super Bowl I press photo featuring the quarterbacks and head coaches of the two teams.

WR Max McGee races for a touchdown in Super Bowl I.

A photograph of Head Coach Vince Lombardi during the first Super Bowl game. The orange lines are “crop marks” indicating how the photo should be trimmed and used in a newspaper or magazine.

Another shot of WR Max McGee, this time making a pass reception in Super Bowl II.

A game ball given to WR Barry Smith following a 19-17 victory over the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium in 1975. Smith was a first-round pick from Florida State in 1973 and played three years with the Packers and one with Tampa Bay before retiring in 1976.

An image of QB Brett Favre from his first NFL start on September 27, 1992 — a 17-3 win for the Packers.

A 1992 image of QB Brett Favre warming up prior to a game.

QB Brett Favre celebrates a touchdown during the 17-3 victory over Chicago at Soldier Field on November 22, 1992.

An early 1970’s game jersey worn by RB John Brockington.

A game jersey won by CB Ken Ellis, with sewn-in hand warmer pouch. A fourth-round draft choice, Ellis played for the Packers from 1970-75.

Lastly, a post-game locker room image of RB Paul Hornung and Head Coach Vince Lombardi.

Check out these items and many more at Heritage Auctions.


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