Sunday, September 10, 2017

Seattle at Green Bay — The Day Before

The 2017 NFL season kicks off this Sunday, and football season couldn’t come quick enough. We arrived in town late on Thursday night, and of course, we had to drive by the stadium.

Lambeau Field in the bright sun of a gorgeous Saturday in early Fall (yes, we know it’s not official, but football season should determine when Fall starts).

Nice ride.

The stage is set up for the Kickoff Weekend concert.

The Don Hutson Center and Clark Hinkle Field are cordoned off for the regular season. No view of practice means no spies.

A view of Clark Hinkle Field over the fence.

Looking back at Lambeau Field along the covered fence.

The television broadcast corral is being set up on Saturday morning.

One of our traditions is to drive past Coach Vince Lombardi’s home on game weekends. No sign of the coach today — he was probably out playing golf.

The Lambeau Field Atrium from the outside in beautiful weather.

Lambeau Field Tours were going full strength today.

The 1919 Kitchen & Tap (above and below) was busy all day. 

Two old timers from the past pose for photos with fans in the Atrium.

The Packers Hall of Fame was doing brisk business as well.

Folks getting a quick bite of lunch in the Atrium.

Heading down into the Packers Pro Shop from the Atrium.

The Pro Shop was quite crowded, as it always is the day before a home game.

We did not get a chance to meet John Brockington and Willie Buchanon today. We did meet Brockington (with MacArthur Lane) in a previous year.

The latest sideline fashions available for your purchase.

Three levels of pricing for your next Aaron Rodgers jersey.

A wedding party at Lambeau Field (there were two weddings here today).

New piece of artwork on view in the Packers Hall of Fame.

The players’ parking lot is mostly empty in late afternoon on Saturday.

Looking out towards the Kickoff Concert area from the Oneida Nation gate.

Inside the new Johnsonville Tailgate Village (above and below).

The Kickoff Concert stage is ready to go.

Everclear takes the stage, and plays a great set.

The crowd (above and below) assembled for the free concert.

The Seattle Seahawks gear is loaded into Lambeau Field.

The sun starts to go down on the greatest stadium in all of sports. Tomorrow is a huge game to start the season. GO PACK GO!



beautiful city.

benilhalk said...

Looks great! I am so pleased to see these photos. We too would be having a family trip to Seattle soon feeling super excited for that. It will be a small trip so we would like to know about must visit Seattle venues.