Thursday, August 06, 2015

2015 Training Camp — Day 3

Saturday morning was the third day of 2015 Packers Training Camp, and the first day in full pads (the latest CBA calls for no pads the first two practices of the year). Above, Packers fans wait in the early morning sunlight for the 8:20 a.m. start of activities.

LB Clay Matthews and some of his teammates do some pre-practice stretching.  

The first of two “what are these folks thinking?!” photos. This kid received the boos of the crowd as he walked the length of the practice field stands. 

And then there’s these folks. So, you can show up in Green Bay for the Packers’ camp, but can’t drive a few hours to each of the respective neighboring states where their teams practice? And the one guy is raising his daughter as a Vikings fan... which should be prosecutable as a form of child abuse.

Such a nice (but warm) day for football in Northern Wisconsin. 

Tackling practice, here featuring S Morgan Burnett

Fourth-round draft pick LB Jake Ryan in a drill to strip the ball from the QB.

LB Clay Matthews (#52) in the same drill. 

Keep low on those blocks, boys. 

S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix works his way through a drill of blocking dummies. 

Practice is busy. 

Offensive and defensive line players battle each other. 

Scrimmage action. 

CB Sam Shields, CB Casey Hayward, and CB/S Micah Hyde take a breather. 

CB Casey Hayward (#29) is unable to cover WR Randall Cobb (#18) closely enough. 

QB Aaron Rodgers leads the offense in scrimmage action. 

RB James Starks (#44) follows the blocking of FB John Kuhn (#30). 

RB Eddie Lacy takes his turn. 

QB Scott Tolzien (#16) runs for a first down. 

CB Sam Shields (#37) breaks up a pass intended for WR Davante Adams (#17). 

T Bryan Bulaga

G T.J. Lang

G Josh Sitton

RB James Starks tries to turn the corner. 

Some players you may have heard of taking a break on the near sideline. 

TE Andrew Quarless, who had a very tough week and missed the first two practices, was back with his teammates on Saturday. 

QB Aaron Rodgers

QB Scott Tolzien gets out of a tough spot. 

Your second- and first-string quarterbacks. 

Another picture of Rodgers because... well, we can. 

Practice is over. 

GM Ted Thompson (left) and Head Coach Mike McCarthy have a few words following practice. 

Back-up QB candidate Matt Blanchard speaks with his parents following practice.


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