Thursday, August 14, 2014

Is It Fall Yet?

It may still be Summer, but we’re looking forward to Fall — especially after seeing this delightful cover from a Green Bay vs. Baltimore game in October 1957. It’s too bad that no one dresses up like that to go to football games anymore. Maybe we should.


John Randall Banks said...

I think it's also sad that coaches don't dress like the man in the car, or Tom Landry, anymore.

I think it's pathetic that coaches must wear things that have their team emblem on it. It' obvious who they are.

Coaches would look so much better in a three piece suit, instead of sweatshirts.

I think it's tacky.

Mr. Lambeau said...

Former 49ers coach Mike Nolan wanted to wear suits on the sideline to honor his Dad, Dick Nolan, who also coached for San Francisco. The NFL balked at this because of the contract with Reebok, but he was eventually allowed to do so, if the suits were made by Reebok.

I agree. The coaches would look so much better.

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