Friday, November 30, 2012

Pro Football 1965 — Part I

Our latest post brings us back to 1965, with this issue of Pro Football Almanac. Gracing the cover is legendary Baltimore QB Johnny Unitas, a nemesis of the Packers.

According to this article, there is talk of a merger between the NFL and the AFL. Do you think that’ll really happen?

A delightful story on Green Bay’s future Hall of Fame LB Ray Nitschke. 

Each team gets a two-page preview of their prospects for 1965 in this issue, starting with a full-page illustration.

For your reference, here is the full NFL schedule for the 1965 season. 

Taking a couple of scans from their photo gallery section, we see QB Bart Starr (above) being clobbered by the L.A. Rams’ Roosevelt Grier. Below, WR Boyd Dowler is still able to pull in a pass against the Vikings.

Who were the stars of the 1965 NFL? These following pages of All-Pros will refresh your memory. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Jim Temp Passes Away

Former Green Bay Packer DE Jim Temp has passed away at the age of 79. After playing for the University of Wisconsin, he was a second round pick in 1955, selected 17th overall. He spent four years in Green Bay, spanning the last years of futility (1957-1958), and the first two years of the Lombardi Era (1959-1960).
Photo: Mears Online Auctions

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Set the Time Machine for 1981

We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We’re all about Packers’ history here, so this update focuses on the game program for the September 13, 1981 game against the Atlanta Falcons in Green Bay’s Lambeau Field. Above is the program cover, and let’s get to it. 

On this 74-degree day in northeast Wisconsin, plenty would have wanted to enjoy a cold, home state-brewed Pabst Blue Ribbon. Times have changed: “Now based in Los Angeles, Pabst Blue Ribbon is contract-brewed in six different breweries around the U.S. in facilities owned by Miller Brewing Company.”

Legendary Packers LB Rich Wingo earns a few extra bucks as a spokesman for locally-owned Bertrand’s Sport Shop, Inc. 

What’s noteworthy here is not the table of contents, but the ad on the right side of the page for the Durkee Mail Bag Program, which was a radio post-game show. Hosted by broadcaster Jim Ford, it also featured “Packer greats” Mike Michalske (G; 1929-35, 1937), Charley Brock (C/LB; 1939-47), and long-time super-fan/supporter Paul Mazzoleni.

Head coach Bart Starr and his 1981 staff are pictured here. A few former Packer players joined him in his work to bring some on-the-field pride back to Green Bay. 

We don’t believe that Sears is the go-to place for Packer fans to get their gear, but in 1981 it could’ve been your headquarters. 

Some NFL Trivia, 1981-style. Note the piece on Packers’ and NFL Hall of Famer Jim Taylor.

What young fan in the early ’80s wouldn’t want to sleep while covered with NFL team logos? 

A two-page feature on former Packers’ Center (and current Packers’ radio broadcaster/media personality) Larry McCarren and his family. 

Well, that little gal doesn’t look too happy at the Fan/Photo Day now, does she? 

Above and below, some Packer game action from the second pre-season game against Oakland in Milwaukee. The Packers won, 34-14.

The point to be made here with this ad is to state how Green Bay gear was seemingly never included in these ads at the time, being on the lower echelon of the NFL then. It wasn’t that easy to find Packers gear in Green Bay, either. 

These next few scans show the 1981 team. 

Your complete 1981 Green Bay Packers roster. 

Above and below, the starting lineups for both teams. 

At the top, an article on Packers’ and NFL Hall of Famer Willie Davis. 

1981 Packer stats. 

Here you could vote for your Packer linemen. Hall of famers one and all. 

Bring back the Helmet hat! At least they show the Packers version here. 

We know you all went out on Black Friday to get a good deal on an RCA VideoDisc System. 

Lastly, all homes should be equipped with a Packer FanPhone. Those homes that still have land lines, that is.

The Falcons were victorious on this day, 31-17. It was the first loss of an 8-8 season.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let Us Give Thanks

Enjoy this day with family and friends, as we have no Packers football to cause us stress or indigestion with our turkey. We are thankful for our readers and wish them nothing but the best always.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Profile of a Season — Part IV

Last up in our presentation of the booklet Profile of a Season (1968), is the section covering the Packers’ 33-14 victory over the AFL champion Oakland Raiders on January 14, 1968. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Profile of a Season — Part III

Today’s installment of Profile of a Season brings us to the 1967 NFL championship game, known to most as simply “The Ice Bowl.”