Monday, December 12, 2011

Thumping the Raiders

It looked like a great day to be at Lambeau Field on Sunday, weather-wise, and the game was very enjoyable to those in attendance, we’re sure. The Packers were picked to win by anyone with an understanding of pro football, but we didn’t think it would be such a thorough (butt)-kicking. Wasn’t it great to sit and enjoy a game with minimal or zero stress after last week’s heart-stopping victory in New York? So, they sit at 13-0, but the win was not without cost to Green Bay, as a one key injury was sustained (see below).

Poor Aaron Rodgers. The team wins by thirty points, but he has to suffer the extreme disappointment and embarrassment of throwing just short of 300 yards and having a QB rating under 100 for the first time this season. Perhaps they should think about replacing him permanently with Matt Flynn because this kind of sub-par performance will not be tolerated!

With James Starks out, RB Ryan Grant needed to have a big game, and he did. The Packers needed him to produce in this game, and he may need some good performances to impress other teams should the Packers not keep him around in 2012.

Charles Woodson continues to have a good season, and picked up another INT today.

The defense kept the Raiders at bay for most of the game, with some Oakland scoring coming at “garbage time” in the second half.

It’s great to see reserve players like Robert Francois making plays that make a big difference in games.

WR Greg Jennings suffered a serious knee injury. How serious it really is will be known after an MRI is conducted tonight or on Monday. Depending on who you listen to, the news ranges from not good to terrible.

It will be interesting to see how Coach Mike McCarthy conducts his team in the next few weeks regarding the potential undefeated season, injuries, and all the attention.

Speaking of players who are making themselves more known to the football world, LB Erik Walden has made some plays this season — with a touchdown today — that will direct attention away from his off-field troubles.

Aaron Rodgers looks ahead to next week’s game in Kansas City against the Chiefs. All they need to worry about is next week and the possibility of 14-0. Anything beyond that is too far in the future to fathom. We have the same attitude here in Packerville, U.S.A. One game at a time...