Monday, December 26, 2011


Game Story: Green Bay Press-Gazette
Game Story: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Game Story: The Chicago Tribune
Game Story: The Chicago Sun-Times
Game Story: Associated Press
Game Story: ESPN
Game Story:
Game Story:
• Official Statistics
• Official Box Score
• Official Play-By-Play Summary
• Scoring Summary
• Photo Galleries: Here, here, here, and here
• Game Notes
• Packers Replay
• Packers Notes
• Packers Notebook
• Packers Insider
• Rants and Raves
Instant Analysis: Packers vs. Bears
• The NFC playoffs will go through Lambeau
• Home-field clincher sends message to playoff foes
Passing game roars back to life
• Offense back, so is Packers' identity
• Packers' offense regains its juggernaut form
• Jones reels in some big catches
• Bears run wild on Packers' defense
Around the locker room: Packers clinch top seed
• Packers vs. Bears: by the numbers
• Packers clinch; McCarthy facing decision
• No fair letting the Packers have a real QB
• Bears eliminated from playoffs

Game highlights from the N.F.L. Network can be seen here.

Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game comments are here.

QB Aaron Rodgers’ media comments are here.

Sound bites from around the locker room are here.

Sights and Sounds from the Packers-Bears game can be seen here.


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