Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Pirates Come to Town

First we had the Buccaneers in town back in November, and now another batch of Pirates invades Green Bay in hopes of knocking the defending champions off their lofty perch this Sunday. We thought we’d put up a couple of photos from the most famous occasion when these two teams played each other back in January 1968 in Super Bowl II. Yes, we’ve posted the above photo before, but so what? It’s our blog and we’ll do what what we want!

As seen in the chart above, unless you live in the Buffalo or San Diego areas (as well as most of Arizona and some sparsely populated middle-West areas), you’ll see the CBS national broadcast of the second game featuring the Packers and Raiders. Also, the schedule that you printed out months ago says the game is at Noon, but it has been changed to 3:15 p.m. for the national broadcast. That is the price you pay for being incredibly successful and popular.

And we leave you with another Super Bowl II image — with RB Donny Anderson scoring a touchdown against the Oakland defense. Let’s see some of that on Sunday, eh fellas?!