Monday, December 26, 2011

Always Good to Beat the Bears!

While the defense continues to give everyone a nervous stomach, the offense rebounded from the Kansas City game, and in particular the passing game was back to early season form. QB Aaron Rodgers continues to add to his statistically awesome season, and on Sunday night WR Greg Jennings wasn’t missed as much, thanks to others stepping up. As they were discussing on the post-game radio show, the defense is not going to change — what you see is what they have. So we must to get used to the “bend but don’t break” concept as we head to the playoffs. The bottom line is that the offense must score 40+ points in the post-season to give this team a chance at repeating.

WR James Jones came through with a big game.

The running game wasn’t anything to write home about, and James Starks getting banged up again wasn’t good news.

We’re fortunate to have this duo on our team right now.

They couldn’t stop the run hardly at all, but got in some nice hits once and a while.

LB Clay Matthews snagged a nice INT in the first half.

S Charlie Peprah had another INT on a tipped ball.

Mike McCarthy is the first Packers’ coach to lead a team to 14 wins in a season.


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