Monday, December 05, 2011

12-0 Giant-Killers

Well, how was that for a heart-stopper? Your Green Bay Packers are now not only 12-0, but they are N.F.C. North Division Champions(!) with Detroit's loss to the Saints. The Giants were the team that many said would knock the Packers off their undefeated (so far) perch, but Green Bay's will to win was stronger with that last incredible drive and field goal. Our hats are off to the team on this great victory!

QB Aaron Rodgers had another great statistical day — an occurrence that is becoming very commonplace this year. If he does not win the league M.V.P. award, they should just stop giving it.

The defense had another rough day of giving up a lot of yardage, but the offense bailed them out in the end.

We wish they'd treat all QB's with action like this more often.

The receivers didn't have everything easy in the Meadowlands.

How great of a sight was this? LB Clay Matthews running down the sideline untouched for a TD!

Above and below, QB Aaron Rodgers took a licking, but kept on ticking.

Chalk one up for the old men who can still play the game — two TD's for WR Donald Driver.

Unfortunately, CB Charles Woodson left the game with “concussion-like symptoms” late in the game.

Where would this team be without WR Jordy Nelson? Still undefeated? Perhaps not.

Not a huge day for WR Greg Jennings, but good enough.

Our hats are off to Mr. Rodgers on that last drive.

If you're going to miss a field goal, it's much better if it's not the final one. K Mason Crosby came through in the clutch.

Crosby's teammates react on the sideline as the game is won on the final play.

12-0! This is one very enjoyable season!


Anonymous said...

Just groovin' on a Sunday afternoon.

Joe said...

One of the captions says the defense came through in the end.

How do you justify that? In the end, the offense bailed out the defense's inability more than once in the second half.

When a team scored on all but one second half drive, you can't say that the defense came through in the end.

You can say, though, that the Packers did come through in the end. And that's the part that really counts.

Anonymous said...

Just re-read the captions... and noticed that my previous comment was completely incorrect.


Anonymous said...

That one sweep with Cobb rolling left and heaving a pass, even though incomplete, should not be forgotten. Indeed, it needs to be worked on and refined. The Packers have OL and running problems, in the playoffs we face aggressive defenses looking to exploit this. With the Cobb option, not only do we have what amounts to lefty/righty QB, but someone with the ball in their hand that if defenses go back for pass can pull it down and make big yards via the ground. Cobb was, I believe, as player at KY one of the alltime leaders in SEC was yardage. We need to exploit this bigtime.

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