Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Grandstand Franchise — Part IV

Here is the next installment from our series about the film “The Grandstand Franchise.” Above, Coach Curly Lambeau is seen on the sideline in City Stadium.

A close-up of Lambeau in a detail from a famous photo of him walking out of Rockwood Lodge. A large portrait of this image hangs in the main stairwell leading to Curly’s Pub in the Lambeau Field Atrium.

A scene from the 1937 film, “Pigskin Champions.”

We know what you’re thinking… no, that is not who you think it is at QB.

A shot of Mike Michalske.

Another photo of Curly Lambeau at Rockwood Lodge.

Packers offensive lineman Baby Ray in his playing days.

Ray in the early 1980’s. He passed away in 1986.

Above and below, a couple more photos of Lambeau on the sidelines.

Lambeau made the Packers the first N.F.L. team to use air travel to games.

Lambeau and his coaches working at training camp.

Don Hutson (left) and Lambeau pose with another coach.

And now, here’s a gallery of Packer stars from the olden days. Starting here with: Cub Buck • Wisconsin • 1921-25.

Baby Ray • Vanderbilt • 1938-48.

Jug Earp • Monmouth • 1922-32.

Cal Hubbard • Centenary, Geneva • 1929-33.
Mike Michalske • Penn State • 1929-35; 1937.

Clark Hinkle • Bucknell • 1932-41.

Charles “Buckets” Goldenberg • Wisconsin • 1933-45.

Charley Brock • Nebraska • 1939-47.

Johnny “Blood” McNally • St. John’s • 1929-33; 1935-36.

Verne Lewellen • Nebraska • 1924-32.

Lavvie Dilweg • Marquette • 1927-34.

Arnie Herber • Regis • 1930-40.

Cecil Isbell • Purdue • 1938-42.

Ted Fritsch • Stevens Point Teachers College • 1942-50.

Tony Canadeo • Gonzaga • 1941-44; 1946-52.

Don Hutson • Alabama • 1935-45.

Some of Don Hutson’s records at the time. One of the greatest receivers ever — and he had to play both ways, unlike anyone now.


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