Saturday, October 29, 2011

THe Grandstand Franchise — Part III

In Part III of our spotlight on the film “The Grandstand Franchise,” we come to the origin of the Packers. Curly Lambeau, a Green Bay native, had gone to Notre Dame to play football for the legendary Knute Rockne (above).

But after one year, he had to return home because of tonsillitis, and was not able to go back to South Bend to play football the next Fall.

Lambeau is seen with a friend in Green Bay.

And here he is with a lady friend.

Depressed because he missed playing football, he commiserated with an acquaintance from his days of playing high school football.

The acquaintance was the previously mentioned George Whitney Calhoun, sports editor of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. He encouraged Lambeau to hold a football practice and, through the newspaper, encouraged the local men to participate.

Looking down on a Green Bay street in 1919, when the football meeting took place.

Swimming in the bay that summer, something you can’t do anymore.

Early footage of the Green Bay team practicing.

Lambeau looks happy to be playing football again.

Needing sponsorship for the team, Lambeau went to his employer — the Indian Packing Company — and persuaded them to put up the money.

Another view of the Indian Packing Company, which according to the video, went out of business shortly afterwards.

The first Packers team.

They played here for their first four years (1919-1922), at Hagemeister Park, the site on which East High School was built.

For the two seasons (1923-24) that the school was being built, they played here at Bellevue Park.

Another view of the grandstands, looking down the street.

That same view in the early 1980’s. Not all historic sites can be saved.

A game underway at Bellevue Park.

Above and below, these folks look just like the crowd you’d see coming out of a Packers game at Lambeau these days.

When the new East High School was finished, the Packers moved back to play in what was now called City Stadium behind the school. They would play here from 1925-1956. It was considered one of the finest playing surfaces in the league.

These several photos show various views of City Stadium at East High School.

Here’s Coach Lambeau addressing his troops.

And overseeing Packer calisthenics.

Some Twenties game action.

Above and below, the crowd and game action at the Polo Grounds in New York, where the “small town team” played and beat the “big city” team.

Lastly, here are two shots of most of the players on your 1928 Green Bay Packers team.


True Packers said...

This is not accurate.The Clair Brothers,who owned Acme Packing,the old defunct Indian Packing plant.They Joined the APFA in 1921,won the Championship that year.The problem for the Clair brothers,who the AFPA granted the franchise to,was when they had a game against the George Halas'Decatur Staleys later the Chicago Bears. The teams always used a few college players in these end of season games, they did try to hide it.The game wasnt governed by the AFPA,so no harm at least the packers thought.Halas had his ringers and they saw Heartly "HUNK" Anderson and that my friends sealed the Clair brothers football fate. Halas reported the packers used ringers and the Clair brothers had to forfeit the team ownership,which they did.Lambeau,the following year presented a $1000 to the NFL and they gave him the franchise which is pretty much what we have today.

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