Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wednesday Night Practice

The Packers were back on the practice field tonight, under clear skies and temperatures in the low 80’s. It was another “full pads” practice, and it’s always more fun to see them banging into each other.

Third-string QB Graham Harrell (#6) leads the third-string offense in a scrimmage.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) passes when he gets his turn.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy (in grey sweatshirt) watches his team.

The special teams work on a punt drill.

The offensive linemen take a breather.

Clay Matthews (#52) gets ready to lead his fellow linebackers in a drill.

The offensive linemen get back to beating on each other.

The safeties take turns on a sled.

Defense vs. defense.

WR Donald Driver (#80) is set to run a pattern against CB Charles Woodson (#21).

Driver scored a touchdown on this play.

The first-string going against the first-string again.

Full scrimmage action towards the end of practice.

The linemen make sure who is blocking who.

Coach McCarthy gathers the team for a final talk after practice.

Aaron Rodgers winding down after practice with his fellow QBs.

After practice, players often hang around for more individual work.

Here we see linebackers Jamari Lattimore (#47) and Vic So’oto (#97) working on the blocking sled after practice. Both free agent rookies will have to impress greatly to make the roster. That’s it for today, thanks for stopping by.


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