Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lookin’ Back at 1976

Today we’re going to share some things from the July 31, 1976 game program, a date which had the Cincinnati Bengals in town for an exhibition game. On the cover, you’ll see — among others — Packers great FB Jim Taylor. This was the year that he went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

In 1976, head coach Bart Starr was entering his second year at the helm. What follows is a two-page article on his team heading into the ’76 campaign.

Cheering for on-the-field action in 1975. Behind coach Starr is WR Charlie Wade.

This article spotlights the Packers being one of the first teams to incorporate air travel.

Your 1976 Green Bay Packers.

We would’ve liked to attend the “God and Country” rallies in the Lambeau Field parking lot back in that Bi-Centennial year.

One of the big things that happened that summer was the visit of President Gerald R. Ford to the Packers’ home base in Green Bay. Ford had turned down a contract offer from the Packers upon his graduation from the University of Michigan. For more on that, you can read our earlier post here. Today, you can see the dedication stone from the then-new Packers Hall of Fame in the current Hall of Fame in Lambeau Field.

Above and below, a couple of articles related to Jim Taylor’s Canton induction that year.

Finally, for those of us interested in obscure parts of the Packers’ past, here is an interesting piece on their longtime groundskeeper, John Proski.