Saturday, March 05, 2011

Miscellaneous Saturday

From the sunny climate of Mesa, Arizona, we’re here today with an assortment of miscellaneous images from days gone by. These are all courtesy of our friends at the LIFE Magazine photo archives. Above, WR Max McGee makes a catch in City Stadium in 1960. In the background, we also see T Forrest Gregg (#75), G Jerry Kramer (#64), G Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston (#63), and QB Bart Starr (#15).

Safety Willie Wood approaches a ball for a kickoff during practice on what is now the Clarke Hinkle practice field along Oneida Street. That’s the domed Brown County Arena in the background. It’s still there, but has been mostly superseded by the newer nearby Resch Center for concerts and indoor sporting events.

LB Dan Currie is down with an injury at an away game in Philadelphia’s Franklin Field. The Packers’ training staff is attending him, with the help of one Eagles’ player. We would LOVE to get our hands on the jacket worn by the staff member crouching at left.

Coach Vince Lombardi paces the sideline, walking past C Jim Ringo on the left. G Jerry Kramer peeks at the cameraman over Lombardi’s left shoulder.

WR Boyd Dowler makes a successful reception in Philadelphia, as can be verified by the referee’s signal.

The team streams out of the tunnel at City Stadium (later Lambeau Field) for a 1960 game. Check out the Green Bay Packers Lumberjack Band awaiting their performance at the exit of the tunnel. WR Max McGee is recognized by his number (#85), and that’s one-year FB Larry Hickman wearing #37.

Coach Lombardi watches his defense make a stop along the City Stadium western sideline, which is always the Packers bench area. Note how open the sideline area is. Seems like nowadays there are players and staff clogging up the whole area. This photo and the rest below are from 1964.

After a game, Lombardi walks off the field. What’s also notable is the number of fans running across the field as well. Unless these folks were on the sideline for a reason during a game, it appears that there wasn’t a stiff penalty for running onto the field. Today, doing so would get you arrested, taken to jail, and earn you a fine of over $700.

Lombardi lights up a cigarette on the sideline. Kids, we now know that doing so is harmful to your health, so don’t follow his example.

QB Bart Starr discusses game strategy during a timeout at home.

DE Willie Davis (#87) rests with G Ed Blaine (#60) on the Packers’ sideline.