Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Replacements of 1987

Since we took the day off yesterday, we’ll put up two blog posts today, with this one being fairly lengthy. We’re heading back to the strike year of 1987, with selections from the Packers-Eagles game program from October 18th of that season. Forrest Gregg is on the cover, in what would be his last year as the Packers’ head coach before he resigned to join Southern Methodist University. This game was during the players’ strike, when the N.F.L. franchises put “replacement” players on the field while the “stars” were picketing outside.

Well, we’ve always thought that, but thanks for acknowledging it, Old Style.

Forrest Gregg’s page in the game program.

An ad for the local sporting goods store Bertrand’s with Alphonso Carreker, a defensive end who played five years in Green Bay, his last being the following year, 1988.

We have our “Psycho” defense this year, but in 1987, they had a player that went by the same nickname. Lee “Psycho” Morris ended up playing in just five games that year before his time in Green Bay was over. But, apparently he garnered enough attention to warrant his own article in the game program.

Replacement squad linebacker Jeff Drost gets his five seconds of internet fame here.

Here’s some of what the well-dressed Packers fan was wearing in 1987. We had (and still have) the green corduroy hat and the satin jacket.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for... a quality image of replacement quarterback Alan Risher (from L.S.U.) to print out and frame for your “man cave.”

A summary of the 1987 season stats so far is presented here. The replacements have been playing long enough to lead some categories.

After the game back then, as today, you didn’t want to miss the full three-hour “Packer Sunday” broadcast on the Packers Radio Network, originating from WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee, Wis. You can listen online by clicking the “Listen Live” button on their website here.

With these next three pages, you can take a look at all of the replacement players, a few of whom played with the team post-strike.

This is the full replacement team roster.

And their official team photo.

Since this is 1987, set your Betamax or VHS recorder so that you won’t miss The Forrest Gregg Show on Monday night at 7:30 p.m.

Lastly, here’s a shot of offensive line coach Jerry Wampfler talking with his players on the sideline. We hope you’ve enjoyed another look back into Packers history.


J said...

Mr. Lambeau, I am trying to find pictures of my Uncle, Putt Choate #57 Packers LB Replacement Player or '87.
I did see the roster pic of him on this blog (& team pic), but any chance you have or know someone who may have more photos of him? He only played in the 2-3 games like a lot of other Replacements.

Thanks for you help!

Anonymous said...

Enter his name on Google Images. College, Packer, and USFL photos and he even had a couple figurines.

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