Thursday, August 26, 2010

We’re Back... in 1960

The time machine takes us back to the summer of 1960 today, when this publication was on the corner newsstand. The Packers were in the second year of the Lombardi Era, and were coming off a 7-5-0 record in ’59 (which was way better than their 1-10-1 record in ’58). On the cover is a scrambling Johnny Unitas of the Baltimore Colts.

Sportswriter/sports cartoonist Murray Olderman wrote up a prediction of each N.F.L. team’s 1960 season.

There were no other Green Bay-related articles in the magazine besides this standard two-page analysis of the team and their roster. The Packers hadn’t done enough to warrant top-caliber team attention, but that would change this very season.

Green Bay would forge an 8-4-0 record in 1960, and travel East to take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the N.F.L. title game. They would lose that contest 17-13, but the championships would come — starting in 1961. Philadelphia would never win another to this day.