Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stockholder’s Meeting

Yesterday, the Packerville staff attended the 2007 Green Bay Packers Stockholders’ Meeting which was held in Lambeau Field. On a beautiful sunny day, we heard the football and business reports, and then were free to explore Suites, Skyboxes, Club Seating, the T.V. broadcast booth, and the Lee Remmel Press Box. Team president Bob Harlan and general manager Ted Thompson were on hand in the Atrium Club Seating Level to answer stockholders’ (fans’) questions. Stockholders also had free admission to the Packers Hall of Fame all day.

A few quotes from Ted Thompson during his “football report”:

“We've always said the best way to build a team is to build it from within, because you have these players already... Just to turn guys over, over and over, every year doesn't make sense. So what we've tried to do is improve our guys that we have, and we think that's again going to add to our competition in training camp."

“Our veteran players were the core of our team... they were the ones who set the attitude, set the locker room, and kept us going when things were tough.”

"We had some tough moments. We especially had some tough moments here at Lambeau Field. I think it's a credit to our veteran players that our team held together."

"I've been asked this by a couple of our media guys that I look at this as some sort of rebuilding thing, that we want to win three or four years down the road... but let's make this clear, and I want you guys to be clear on this because you're my bosses — we want to win, and we want to win now.”

"We like where we are, we are getting better. Through the individual growth of our team and some new additions, and just toughness, I think we're going to be fine. We're going to win some games."

From team president Bob Harlan:

"I've gotten the impression this winter in talking to fans, even after the draft, they can see his (Ted Thompson’s) system and what he's going to do. They can see that the system has worked in the past obviously with Seattle, and I think they're comfortable that it's going to work with the Green Bay Packers. So let's move ahead, give him a chance. We've hit the bump we knew we'd hit in the salary cap era, now let's see where we go."


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