Sunday, January 15, 2017

Giants at Packers — NFC Wild Card

Now that we’re mere hours away from today’s NFC Divisional Playoff game with the Packers at the Dallas Cowboys, we are presenting a gallery of images from last Sunday’s NFC Wild Card game. The week got away from us, and we wanted to post this sooner, but better late than never. Above, we’re crossing the Fox River coming into Green Bay on Thursday night before the game.

Taking a lap around frozen Lambeau Field on our way to the Packerville, U.S.A. headquarters. It was -2° at the time. 

On Friday, we headed to Festival Foods on Mason Street (our preferred grocery store), and were greeted by some Packers-themed treats (above and below)

Upon entering the produce section, we were treated to the sight of LB Julius Peppers buying organic vegetables with his wife. 

A few minutes later, we encountered K Mason Crosby pushing his cart solo through the store and gave him a head nod. 

On Saturday at Lambeau, former Holmgren-era players RB Dorsey Levens and S LeRoy Butler were singing autographs in the Atrium. 

The Packers hold pep rallies before away games all around the country, but they held a Playoff Pep Rally at home before the Wild Card game. 

There were several Packers-themed ice sculptures around the stadium for playoff weekend. 

On Saturday afternoon, we see the Packers’ indoor practice facility, with the outdoor practice field protected from spies as it is all through the season after Training Camp. 

The west side of Lambeau Field as we drove over to the Packers Playoff Pep Rally on Saturday evening. 

Outside the Tundra Tailgate Zone as we waited in line in the frigid temperatures. 

Saturday night was pretty cold, and we weren’t wearing our game clothes for the indoor rally. 

Packers Radio Network announcer Wayne Larrivee was the event emcee, and Packers’ president Mark Murphy joint him to discuss the season up to that point. 

The facility was pretty packed for the event, and we were right up against the stage. 

(Above and below), former S LeRoy Butler and RB Dorsey Levens talk about playing in the playoffs back in the 1990’s. writers Mike Spofford (left) and Wes Hodkiewicz (right) joined Larrivee for some “X’s and O’s" talk of the next day’s game.

Walking to the stadium on Sunday afternoon. 

QB Eli Manning and his New York Giants’ teammates on the field prior to the game. 

On the other end, QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) leads his team through the pre-game period.

Playoff football is back in Lambeau Field

The Giants get the game going on offense. 

DB Micah Hyde (#33) awaits a punt from New York P Brad Wing. 

The game-time temperature at kickoff. If prepared properly, this is not cold at all. There also was very little wind inside the stadium. 

The Packers huddle up on offense deep in their own territory 

QB Aaron Rodgers works behind his offensive line. 

The Packers defense works against Manning on the other end of the field. Seen are LB Julius Peppers (#56), S Morgan Burnett (#42), LB Joe Thomas (#48), and S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (#21).

QB Eli Manning barks the snap count as LB Jake Ryan (#47) and S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (#21) adjust. 

QB Aaron Rodgers has his own guy (in yellow coat) to bring out his sideline cape. 

The Packers’ offensive huddle

Handing off to WR/RB Ty Montgomery (#88). 

QB Aaron Rodgers trying to avoid the Giants’ pass rush of Olivier Vernon (#54).

QB Aaron Rodgers gets off a pass under protection. 

But eventually, the Giants’ pass rush gets to QB Aaron Rodgers

P Jacob Schum (#10) gets a punt off safely. 

The Packers’ offensive line rests on the bench. 

There were a fair amount of New York fans at the game, but they were generally well-behaved — unlike the Dallas fans from earlier this season. 

The New York Giants’ sideline. 

QB Aaron Rodgers takes off on a run. 

The Packers’ special teams corrals the Giants’ returner, with WR Jeff Janis (#83), LB Blake Martinez (#50), LB Joe Thomas (#48), and LB Kyler Mackrell (#51) providing the coverage. 

QB Eli Manning talks with Referee Ed Hochuli during a timeout. 

QB Aaron Rodgers appears to be ready to take flight. 

QB Eli Manning hands off to RB Paul Perkins. 

LB Blake Martinez is attended to by the Packers’ medical staff. 

QB Eli Manning gets ready to let a long one fly. 

WR Davante Adams (#17) makes a reception along the Giants’ sideline. 

The view from the Packerville, U.S.A. seats. 

Getting the crowd to make noise when the Giants have the ball. 

A zebra convention during a time out. 

WR Randall Cobb (#18) makes the reception of the Hail Mary just before halftime. 

RB Christine Michael (#32) makes a few yards up the middle. 

Celebrating a Packers’ touchdown. 

WR Davante Adams working against CB Eli Apple. 

Awaiting the snap of the ball are WR Randall Cobb (partially hidden), G T.J. Lang (#70), FB Aaron Ripkowski (#22), C Corey Linsley (#63), and WR/RB Ty Montgomery (#88). 

Somewhere in there, FB Aaron Ripkowski is scoring a touchdown. 

Heading off the field, QB Aaron Rodgers congratulates FB Aaron Ripkowski

The crowd at Lambeau Field really, really, really enjoyed this game! 

As the clock runs out, players on the field greet and congratulate each other.

The scene following every game. 

Final score. 

Final team stats comparison. 

QB Aaron Rodgers is interviewed by FOX Sports. 

Heading off the field into the Packers’ tunnel, QB Aaron Rodgers salutes the crowd and blows them kisses as well.

Always good to see. 

Your Packerville, U.S.A. editor (left) and his brother celebrate the win.


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