Monday, September 12, 2016

The Last Word on Sitton... for Now

“I talked with an NFL source over the weekend who doesn’t work for the Packers or (Josh) Sitton but was familiar with the dynamic that led to the left guard’s departure. The source said Sitton at times was a fun and engaging presence, but he also was brash and highly opinionated. He openly disparaged personnel moves, coaching decisions and his teammates’ abilities in any and every setting at the Packers’ facilities, regardless of who was in earshot. He also could be argumentative in meetings and refused to do some blocking techniques and drills on the practice field. The source said that while Sitton was at the top of his game, the Packers acquiesced. But as the 30-year-old’s play began to slip in the last year or so, in part because of his chronic back condition, the team felt less compelled to accommodate him. And when the coaching staff saw some of that behavior filtering to the younger linemen, the team parted ways.”

— Pete Dougherty, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin