Friday, September 09, 2016

An “Inside” Perspective

As the Green & Gold Nation continues to wonder (too much, we say) why a veteran such as G Josh Sitton could be released by the team at the final cutdown, here is a perspective that many seem to be overlooking:

“From what I can tell the Packers were very concerned he was going to be a big problem in the locker/meeting room, in part because during camp he asked to talk contract extension and they said a couple of the young O-linemen were higher priorities. Just sounds like he had been difficult for the coaching staff to deal with for a few years, and now that he's older and has a chronic back injury and has started to decline, they felt like they could move on. I do wonder if there was some incident in the last couple weeks that was the final straw. Might just be that relations got worse after the contract rebuff, or could be something that hasn't been reported yet.”

— Pete Dougherty, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin