Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Revival Begins — Spring 1992

Whenever a new regime takes control of a franchise in the NFL, you get all of the positive talk and “everything will change” talk, and more often than not, in the end, it’s just all talk. But looking back at the beginning of the Ron Wolf / Mike Holmgren / Brett Favre era in the Spring of 1992 through this newsletter that went out to Green Bay Packers season ticket holders, things were indeed going to be different. We now know that it was only five years later that the team the league thought would never win again, would be victorious in Super Bowl XXXI. The methods of excellence and philosophies that were established then continue to guide the team today. This is where the revival started. Enjoy, and look for the ways the league has changed since those days almost a quarter of a century ago.

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