Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Titletown District Construction

We spent last weekend in Green Bay at the Packerville, U.S.A. headquarters, and were able  to see that the team’s development of the Titletown District is getting started. To explain for the uninitiated, or for those who have forgotten, this is the huge new project on the 34-acre property now owned by the Packers that spreads westward along Lombardi Avenue towards Highway 41.

First, we’ll take a look at the renderings released by the Packers several months ago. Above shows how it will appear when looking east back towards Lambeau Field.

This is the view you’d get while standing on the upper concourse of Lambeau, looking west. The building at right with the “H” on it will be the new location of the Hinterland Restaurant and Brewery, which will move from their current location downtown. Not seen is the Bellin Health Sports Medicine Clinic and Lodge Kohler, a four-diamond high-end hotel.

This satellite view shows all of the area to be developed (the skinny portion to the left).

Above and below, a winter scene of the area with proposed skating pond in a 10-acre park-like setting. 

The same view of the scene from second photo at top, but in winter.

A fall scene, looking back towards Lambeau Field.

Another drawing, with Lambeau Field to the right. The top of the drawing is north.

An aerial photo of about half the site.

This is a shot that brings us to what we saw last weekend. At lower left, dirt is finally being moved at the Lodge Kohler site. This is the view from the upper Lambeau Field concourse, looking west.

Now, onto our photos. This is along Ridge Road, seen from the Lambeau Field parking lot. The construction fences are up, and so we had to scout out some position where we can take photos of the project from time to time through the next few years.

Looking westward through the fence gate. The Lodge Kohler site is to the immediate left.

Standing along the construction fence on Ridge Road.

Miron, who has been the builder through most of the Lambeau Field renovations, is apparently the main contractor for the Titletown District as well.

Looking the other direction (south) along Ridge Road.

Next time we visit the site, we should wear our Packers’ hard hat.

Above and below, looking at the site through the fence gate.

Above and below, the Kohler Company handles the construction of their facilities, so Mortensen Construction will be the contractor on their site.

Back at Lambeau Field, the refurbishment of the corporate suites continues. They were 13 years old, so a “fresh” look was due.

On a 74° day in Green Bay, the large piles of snow stubbornly hang on, but are just about gone. 

The scene on Brookwood Drive, which is the road where we normally walk to the stadium after parking. Looks like we’ll need a new route this season.

The same view, a bit closer. The construction trailer offices seen at left is where Lodge Kohler will be built.

Above and the next several shots: Views of the Lodge Kohler site as seen from Brookwood Drive.

We’ll be providing construction updates as we go along.

Other project details:

Bellin Health, official healthcare partner of the Packers, will operate the nearly 30,000 square-foot sports medicine facility. It will be geared toward injury prevention, performance improvement, injury treatment and therapy — and will include lab, x-ray and MRI; sports nutrition; sports psychology services.

Hinterland’s 20,000 square-foot facility will be nearly four times larger than their current Green Bay restaurant and brewery. The main floor brew pub and restaurant experience will pair farm-to-table culinary experiences. The brewery will produce 20,000 bottles annually and offer tours and tasting rooms for guests.

Lodge Kohler will be Kohler Co. Hospitality & Real Estate Group’s fourth hotel, adding to The American Club and Inn on Woodlake in Kohler, Wis., and The Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Future tenants
Approximately 16 acres will be available for further development — retail, commercial and residential. Up to 70 townhouse homes may be constructed along Brookwood Drive.

Targeted completion is the fall of 2017 for the three initial components described above.

Development consultants
Sterling Project Development, a real estate advisory firm
ROSSETTI, a global architectural design and planning firm
Biederman Redevelopment Ventures, a firm that creates, redevelops, and operates parks, public spaces and neighborhood streetscapes

The Packers plan to invest approximately $65 million in the Titletown District. Cumulative initial investment by all parties between $120-130 million.


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