Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Super Bowl I — As Seen By LIFE Magazine

Back in January 1967, LIFE magazine, the nation’s leading large format photo/news magazine covered Super Bowl I. They were imbedded more with the Kansas City Chiefs than the Green Bay Packers, and here’s some of what they shot that day in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Above, the Chiefs await their player introductions on the field.

Chiefs’ S Fletcher Smith is the last man waiting, while we see the Packers’ players and coaches in the background. 

G Jerry Kramer (#64) blocks for FB Jim Taylor (#31) 

Multiple Kansas City players tackle a Packers’ ballcarrier. 

HB Elijah Pitts (#22) gets away from some white jerseys. 

LB E.J. Holub gets a drink of water on the Chiefs‘ sideline. When was the last time that metal kitchen ladles were used in an NFL bench area? 

Head Coach Vince Lombardi is seen with his players in the tunnel. 

WR Max McGee (#85) had a big day after thinking he’d hardly get a chance to play. 

QB Bart Starr (#15) sets to pass on the field. Notice the guy on the Chiefs sideline yelling something at him. We bet that really shook Bart up.

G Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston (#63), QB Bart Starr (#15, partially hidden), FB Jim Taylor (#31) and T Bob Skoronski (#76) watch as a pass is completed downfield. Also watching is Kansas City Hall of Famer DT Buck Buchanan. 

The Green Bay Packers Power Sweep™. Left to right, HB Elijah Pitts (#22), T Bob Skoronski (#76), and G Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston (#63). Seen behind them is WR Max McGee (#85).

Scenes from the Kansas City locker room at halftime... 

QB Len Dawson relaxes with a smoke. 

Players get a few minutes of rest. 

Things were a little more “spartan” than nowadays. 

The story is that the AFL was referred to as “that Mickey Mouse league,” so somebody connected to the Chiefs went to Disneyland and got a bunch of mouse ears. After they lost the game, we bet these ended up in the garbage.

A little “treatment” before the second half. 

More rest. 

Referee Norm Schachter and Chiefs’ Head Coach Hank Stram synchronize their watches.

HB Curtis McClinton waits for the second half. He gained 16 yards on six carries. 

Chiefs bench area. 

WR Carroll Dale (#84) makes a catch for a short gain.

A knocked-out DB Fred “The Hammer” Williamson is carried off the field in the fourth quarter.

Hank Stam begins to realize that his team cannot overcome the mighty Packers. 

Packers players, including HB Paul Hornung (#5) watch the defense from the sideline. 

Playing his last game as a Green Bay Packer, FB Jim Taylor fights for some yards in this three-photo series...  

Above and all photos below, the loss sinks in among dejected Kansas City players. 


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