Thursday, January 07, 2016

Our History with the Redskins

The 1972 NFC Divisional Playoff did not have the results that Green Bay Packers fans wanted, but it’s part of our history nonetheless. The Packers won the NFC Central Division with a 10-4 record, and went to Washington to play the 11-3 Redskins, winners of the NFC East on Christmas Eve. The Packers lost 16-3, due largely to the fact that their vaunted run game was shut down. The game was played in front of 53,140 fans at old RFK Stadium. The first video above is some 8mm film shot by a fan from the stands.

From the 1972 Washington Redskins official highlight film, we have a summary of what happened (starting at 13:27).

Sunday will mark the third time the Packers will meet the Redskins in a playoff scenario. Prior to the 1972 game, there was the December 13, 1936 contest between Green Bay and the Boston Redskins (played in New York), which was won 21-6 by the Packers for the NFL title, their fourth championship overall.


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