Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Johnsonville Commercial Featuring Jerry Kramer

We’re going to post some photos from Sunday’s Packers vs. Rams game, but in the meantime, we wanted to post this Jerry Kramer commercial for Johnsonville that we saw for the first time at Lambeau during the game.


Anonymous said...

Your posting this commercial triggers my annual thank you for this website. I've said this before you have a nice touch. For out-of-the-midwest fans like myself, you help provide some of the experience and flavors. I'm an old guy, raised in WI during the 60s, haven't lived there since the 70s, now living in rural Maryland. Miraculously (or not) my family all bleeds green and gold and yours is their go-to site. Watching the video again reminded me I'll be a puddle if Bart somehow makes it back to Lambeau for that November Bear game and a moment together next to ol' number 4 and today's number 12.

Mr. Lambeau said...

Thank you. You're very kind. I will be there on Thanksgiving and am crossing my fingers for Bart.