Sunday, October 25, 2015

Chargers at Packers

With the bye week, and with our busy work schedule, this photo update from the San Diego-Green Bay game has taken a week to post. Above, the game cover from the Sunday, October 18th game at Lambeau Field. 

Before the game, some of the Chargers warm up on our end of the field. 

The Packers’ “throwback” uniforms are seen as the offense huddles on their first drive early in the game. 

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) pitches to RB James Starks as a play develops. 

It was another gorgeous Fall day at Lambeau. 

Chargers’ QB Philip Rivers  tries to make himself heard over the loud Green Bay crowd while deep in the South end of the field.

Later, Rivers gets a pass away after crossing midfield. 

The Packers’ defense lines up against the Chargers’ offense. 

Special teams huddle before taking the field for a kickoff. 

QB Aaron Rodgers watches the replay board as the defense is at work. 

WR Randall Cobb (#18) and TE Richard Rodgers await the end of a time out. 

Also on a time out, QB Aaron Rodgers looks at the board and whatever is playing (Commercial? Highlight? A pump-up-the-crowd video?). 

The offense is all lined up, going the other way, 

Behind a wall of protection, QB Aaron Rodgers passes to the left side of the field. 

Another thing we’ve never seen... a game official stretching during a T.V. time out. 

Most of the offensive line and the starting TE catching their breath on the bench. 

Under mounting pressure, QB Aaron Rodgers looks to pass deep in the South end of the field. 

WR Ty Montgomery has quite the hole to gain yardage through. 

The late afternoon sunlight made for some great illumination in the second half of the game. 

A meeting of the offensive minds during a called time out. 

Some more of that nice sunlight shines on the Packers’ offense, coming from South to North. 

Is this a close enough view for you of QB Aaron Rodgers and C Corey Linsley?

The Packers’ offensive huddle in close-up form. 

Coming down to score in our very own North end zone

The Chargers’ WR/PR/KR Jacoby Jones awaits a P Tim Masthay kick.

San Diego at work, with QB Philip Rivers handing off to RB Branden Oliver. 

A look at a section of the Packers’ defense — DT Mike Daniels (#76, partially hidden), LB Nate Palmer (#51),  LB Julius Peppers (#56), and DB Micah Hyde (#33, in back).

LB Clay Matthews (#52) eyes the Chargers’ offensive formation. 

An official conference of officials, meeting officially. 

The CBS broadcast team of Jim Nantz (left), and Phil Simms, in their booth high above the field. 

The sun sets on the East-side upper scoreboard, with the then-tied score.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy seeking an explanation from the side judge. 

WR Randall Cobb lined up... well, wide. 

WR Jeff Janis attempts to make a move on Chargers’ CB Jason Verett.

The San Diego bench area. 

Another shot of the Green Bay defense down in our end. 

The Packers’ offense trying to run as much time off the clock as possible near the end of the game. 

The last time out before the BIG STOP at the end of the game. CB Damarious Randall (#23, left) batted down the ball on the game’s final play to secure the Packers’ win. Also seen here are CB Casey Hayward (#29) and CB Sam Shields (#37). 

Whew... the final score

And a 6-0 record. Next up, a road trip to Denver. No easy games ahead, but very few predicted them to be 6-0 going into the bye week.


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