Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Eagles at Packers

Now that the final preseason game is thankfully nearly upon us (Thursday night), we wanted to post some photos from last Saturday night’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lambeau Field. Above, we see the game program cover, featuring DT Mike Daniels

Fans make their way to the stadium from the neighborhood and parking areas to the West. 

Tailgating gets underway for 2015. 

Approaching the “Verizon Gate”... the one nearest our seats. 

Enter early for less crowds and no waits for a Lambeau Field bratwurst

From the upper level walkway, we see the area that will soon look completely different. This is where the entire “Titletown District” will be built. This is looking West toward Highway 41, which is now an interstate highway.

Looking down on the outdoor seating area for the “1919 Kitchen and Tap,” the new restaurant which replaced Curly’s Pub and located on the Atrium”s first floor.

Fans entering the Atrium, or the “Miller Brewing Company Gate.” 

Entering the bowl from the upper concourse. 

Eagles QB Tim Tebow during pre-game warm-ups. 

Parabolic microphone and yard line marker. 

Pre-game sideline scene. 

Our “Gold Package” seats are two rows directly above the 25-second clock in the North end zone. 

All 50-yard line numbers are painted gold this season to advertise the 50th anniversary of Super Bowl I. 

Sideline fan to combat the August heat of preseason games, but actually it was very comfortable all night. 

Looking into the Packers’ tunnel. 

Third-string QB Brett Hundley warms up before the game. 

We had to look up and see what this was all about. Find out here

Pre-game warm-ups all over the field. 

A little pre-game work by the Philadelphia offense. 

The Packers are introduced as a team unit in the preseason. It’s not until the regular season that each individual starter is introduced separately, alternating offense and defense for home games. 

Players going through their pre-game rituals, with smoke lingering from the pre-game fireworks during introductions. 

Here you see the smoke lingering in Lambeau because there was only a 5-m.p.h. breeze Saturday night. 

Special Teams unit huddle. 

GM Ted Thompson (in black hat and black shorts) watches his team from the sideline. He does this in August to gauge another aspect of his players... their sideline interaction. This figures into whether or not they make the final roster.

QB Brett Hundley played three-plus quarters as the starter. QB Aaron Rodgers was held out of the game completely, while QB Scott Tolzien was dressed but did not play. He was just cleared from his concussion suffered against Pittsburgh.

Our “view from here” in our North end zone seats. 

QB Brett Hundley hands off to RB Eddie Lacy

DT/NT B.J. Raji (#90) and LB Clay Matthews (#52) are outnumbered 6 to 1 on this play. 

S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix seems to be off balance on this play, or incorrectly guessing the movement of the running back. 

QB Brett Hundley hands off to RB James Starks, who has a plethora of blockers in front of him. 

Packers bench scene. 

Eagles bench scene. 

The Packers are down in our end attempting to score. They did. 

Halftime entertainment was youth football, and several kids got to do their first “Lambeau Leap” after their Lambeau touchdown(s).

Eagles QB Matt Barkley tries to avoid pressure by DT Mike Pennel (#64) and LeTroy Guion (#98).

QB Matt Blanchard gets off a throw in his final game as a Packer (for now, at least). He was cut in the trim down to 75 players on Tuesday. 

QB Matt Blanchard with his lower-end-of-the-depth-chart teammates. 

The final score.


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