Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 Shareholders Meeting

Today was the Green Bay Packers Annual Shareholders’ Meeting at Lambeau Field. It was the 18th straight that we have attended, with hopefully many more to come. Above, some of the assembled crowd mills about in the Atrium air conditioning before the meeting’s 11:00 a.m. start. Temps for the meeting were correctly forecasted to be 90°.

As usual, before the meeting, they played the team’s highlight film from the 2014 season. Not surprisingly, very little of the film mentioned the NFC Championship loss in Seattle. 

The crowd was reportedly just under 12,000... and it seemed about average in size compared to recent years. 

What other corporation would attract 12,000 people to its annual meeting outside in ninety-degree temperatures? 

Soon-to-be-inducted-into-Canton former GM Ron Wolf was introduced and received a standing ovation.
Photo: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Revealed on the stage was a mannequin sporting the new “throwback” uniform for the San Diego game on October 18th (see more below).

The less exciting, but more important part of the meeting. 

In case anyone is worried, the turf on the south end of the field has almost fully recovered from the damage it incurred from the stage of the Kenny Chesney concert in June.

The “new” throwback jersey actually harkens back to the ones used during the 1994 season. Originally, the Packers wore them from 1937-49

Uniform photos: Green Bay Packers