Monday, March 16, 2015

Patriot Place and Lambeau

This update comes after a business trip to Boston allowed us a chance to survey the World Champion New England Patriots’ facility in Foxboro, Massachusetts. When discussion of the Packers’ future development with their recent land purchases comes up, invariably the comparison is made to “Patriot Place,” the mall and entertainment complex attached to Gillette Stadium. So, as owners of the Green Bay Packers, we thought we’s better check it out for ourselves.

The view of Gillette Stadium when one arrives. 

The Patriots have their own Hall of Fame/Museum at the complex. 

The team’s Pro Shop is fine, but does not compare to the new Packers Pro Shop in size or selection. 

Leaving the stadium and Hall of Fame/Pro Shop, the way to the attached mall is up a large flight of stairs (elevators are also available). 

Turning towards the stadium, this is the view. 

Unlike Lambeau Field, visitors are able to view the field itself from the general access area. As far as we could tell, no tours of the stadium are offered. 

Looking out into Gillette Stadium’s playing field. They were still removing excess snow the day we visited. 

The health care center attached to the stadium. 

Gillette Stadium ticket windows. 

The Hall of Fame/Pro Shop. 

CBS Scene restaurant. 

Looking down from the top of the grand staircase. 

The mall area, walking away from the stadium. 

Large concourse area at the top of the stairs. 

Patriot Place stores. 

Patriot Place stores and restaurants. 

“Luxury” bowling lanes. 

The shopping area is split up with access roads. 

TB12 Sports Therapy Center — brought to you by Mr Brady. 

It’s probably really nice here when the weather is warmer. 

What says “football stadium” more than Victoria’s Secret? 

We did not stop for a burger, although we were tempted. 

The “anchor” on the far end of the mall is this Renaissance Hotel. Wonder what their game weekend rates are... similar to $250+ with a two-night minimum in Green Bay?

A smaller Patriots Pro Shop in the mall. 

They are doing construction off the side of the stadium, but we’re not sure of it’s nature.  

Inside the Pro Shop, you’re greeted right away by some Super Bowl XLIX merchandise. 

They have their own No. 12. 

We kind of like this artwork concept. 

Seems like a logical statement. 

Jerseys on display. 

Hats on display. 

Large graphics decorate the center of the store. 

Yeah, we were 3:52 away from challenging them for the title. And we had already beaten them once in 2014.

Old AFL championship banner from 1960. 

And spend money. 

The South side of Gillette Stadium. 

On the other side of the stadium, here are the team’s outdoor practice fields, where Patriots Training Camp is held in the Summer.

This is the team’s indoor practice facility — their “Don Hutson Center.” 

The North side of Gillette Stadium. 

Here is the overhead view of the Patriots’ complex, showing how the mall is connected to the stadium area. Again, it is expected that the Packers will do something very similar to this when they begin to develop the land they have purchased in the last few years.

This is a directory of the types of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options that exist at Patriot Place. We were there on a Monday morning, and it was completely deserted. But one can see how it would be much more livelier at night and on the weekends. It is, however, removed from residential and other commercial areas. The same type of development would be right in the city in Green Bay, providing much heavier traffic year-round.

The artwork above shows the areas that the Packers have purchased and where development is expected. It will be interesting whenever the team announces its specific plans, because nothing has been released so far. 

The main thing to remember on all of this is: the income generated by being the landlord over all of this development will belong to the Packers, and would not have to be shared with the other 31 teams because it would be on their overall stadium facility “footprint.” In comparison, the money from the sale of Packers merchandise sold down the street at the Bay Park Square Mall on Oneida Street has to be split 32 ways. This is the reason for the major emphasis on the Packers Pro Shop — all income from those sales go right back into helping the team win.