Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Items for Auction

Today we bring you some more Packers memorabilia items that are up for auction on that newfangled internet contraption. Above, a multi-signed 1936 championship team testimonial program. Bid here.

Quite rare are the team’s media guides (or press books) prior to 1965. This one is from the 1940 season, and features a great graphic look from the era on the cover. Bid here

Here is a letter written on the team‘s 1950 letterhead, featuring the blue and gold colors of the Packers in that time. Bid here.

An early-Sixties Green Bay Packers generic player “nodder” — what we now call “bobble heads.” Bid here.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a Miller High Life in this “Packer Backer” glass? Bid here

Early-Seventies Lambeau Field “Ground Crew” jacket. Bid here.

Lambeau Field bunting which hung on the first-row grandstand fence railings during the legendary “Ice Bowl” NFL championship game on December 31, 1967. Bid here.

The NFL currently schedules at least one preseason game on a Thursday night, which really could not be more inconvenient for the out-of-town fans. But here’s something we haven't seen before: a game on a Wednesday night. Things were crazy back in the 1950’s, huh? Bid here.

Lastly, remember ashtrays? They used to be everywhere. Here in the upper Midwest, you rarely see smokers or ashtrays anywhere, because you can’t smoke indoors. This ashtray from Sneezer’s Snack Shop is a classic, and here you can see Vince Lombardi eating breakfast at the restaurant. Bid here.