Thursday, February 19, 2015

Back to 1976

As you know, if you’ve been with us for a while, the offseason can mean some spotty blog updates. There’s just not the urgency or general interest that there is during the season. We’ll keep posting, but it may not be super regular. Today, we’re putting up some material from the November 28, 1976 Bears-Packers game program. This first article was written by Lee Remmel, who spent his entire sportswriting career covering our Packers, and then went to work for the team in public relations, and ended up as the team’s official historian.

This is an interesting letter written to the fans by Head Coach Bart Starr... a letter we won’t see Mike McCarthy writing today. A different time, indeed.

This photo was in an article about the play action pass, and it features LB Jim Carter, who played 106 games in Green Bay from 1970-75, and again from 1977-78.

An interesting article about three lesser-known men who were very important to the long history of the Green Bay Packers — Lee H. Johannes, Fred Leicht, and Charles Mathys, Sr. 

Above and below, we have two photos showing the Packers flying out to play the Oakland Raiders earlier that season, a game that was played on Sunday, October 24th, and that Green Bay lost, 18-14.
More from this program will be in our next post.