Thursday, January 01, 2015

Lions at Packers: NFC North Title Game

For your New Year’s Day enjoyment, here is a heapin’ helping of photos from Sunday’s NFC North title-deciding season finale at Lambeau Field. The Detroit Lions, who have not won in Wisconsin since 1991, came to Green Bay to play the Packers. The winner of the game would be the champion of the Division. So, without further ado, let’s get to the photos. Above, K Mason Crosby is usually out for warm-ups first with his fellow foot specialist, P Tim Masthay.

Bags o’ equipment on the Packers’ sideline before the game. 

Detroit’s Golden Tate, the main protagonist in the 2012 “Touchception” game in Seattle, awaits a chance to stick it to the Packers again. 

Lions warming up before the game. 

The Packers come out for pre-game warm-ups. 

Brian Baumgartner, who played “Kevin Malone” on NBC’s hit TV series “The Office,” is on the Packers’ sideline before the game. We saw him at a game last year as well. 

Defensive players warming up as well. 

QB Aaron Rodgers limbers up along the sideline with his star receivers. 

WR Jordy Nelson stretches out the legs on a cold day. 

QB Scott Tolzien was activated for Sunday’s game — his first game in uniform for 2014. Most likely, this was due to Rodgers’ uncertain health.

A pride of Lions. 

Packers doing some stretching and calisthenics. 

WR Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. 

QB Matthew Stafford loosens up the arm on the North end of the field. 

Three receivers — WR Davante Adams, TE Andrew Quarless, and WR Randall Cobb

Three safeties — Chris Banjo, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, and Morgan Burnett.

More throws by Rodgers, next to second-string QB Matt Flynn

The offense gathers together. 

The official coin-toss. 

Kick-off team gets ready. 

Crosby kicks off to begin the game. 

Packers in the offensive huddle early in the game. 

Nobody would have any idea when to make noise or cheer if they were not told to do so on the big Mitsubishi Diamond Vision screens. 

Head Coach Mike McCarthy checking his play chart on the sideline, 

Stafford fakes a hand-off. 

DT Mike Daniels chases Stafford... 

... and almost gets him, but he gets the pass off anyway.

RB Eddie Lacy looks for a hole in the defense. 

Lacy gets a few yards before he’s brought down. 

The Lions’ sideline on the Eastern side of the field. 

Rodgers leads the offense in the first half. 

Rodgers watches the highlights of the San Francisco-Arizona game on the video boards during a time out. 

The Packers’ huddle from the defensive point of view. 

Green Bay looking to score in the North end zone. 

In his last snap of the first half, Rodgers eyes the defense. 

While scrambling, Rodgers will re-injure his leg, but not before hitting Cobb for a TD. 

Rodgers lying on the Lambeau Field turf while a hush comes over the crowd. It was very near the spot where he laid last season after breaking his collar bone against the Chicago Bears. 

Rodgers being helped off the field. 

Leaving the field on the cart while the crowd chants “M.V.P.!... M.V.P.!...M.V.P.!” 

The latest campaign by the Marketing Department. 

LB Julius Peppers battles with a Detroit offensive Lineman. 

To close out the first half, Flynn runs out the clock. 

At halftime, former Packers Offensive Tackle and Head Coach Forrest Gregg received one of the new, fancier Hall of Fame inductee rings. The 81-year-old Packer legend enjoyed a large ovation from the crowd.

The FOX broadcast team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman work in the booth. 

Two floors above them, Packers Radio Network announcers Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren perform their duties. 

This guy’s choice of head gear is kinda cool. 

We’ve seen this guy around over the years. Seems like a lot of work to make people think you’re a big Packers fan. 

Surprising the crowd, Rodgers comes back out as the third quarter begins. Oftentimes, the people at the game are the least informed about what is transpiring with injuries, etc.

Rodgers warms up on the sidelines. 

LB Sam Barrington nails Stafford for a loss. 

Rodgers back in command of the offense — gimpy leg and all. 

RB James Starks gets his turn with the ball. 

Former Packer WR Jeremy Ross now handles the Lions’ return duties. 

Another time out conference along the sideline. 

Cobb lined up for the snap with two Detroit defenders waiting for him. 

Crosby gets another kick blocked. 

Rodgers’ early season “word” for Packers fans, seen in the South end zone. 

Stafford scrambles for a long gainer. 

Rodgers works to keep his leg stretched and limber. 

After the “Suh Stomp,” Rodgers confers with Referee Walt Anderson. 

On the free kick following the safety against the Lions, a comedy of errors ensues... 

... and the Lions end up with the ball. 

LB Clay Matthews among all the officials. 

An irate McCarthy tells the officials that Cobb signaled a “fair catch” on the free kick.

Once the victory is sealed, the fans can finally exhale... and wonder about the status of Rodgers’ leg. 

The scoreboard as Rodgers mingles at midfield. 

That has a nice ring to it — for the fourth year in a row! 

Rodgers followed by the media after the game...

... and is then interviewed by FOX’s Erin Andrews. 

The final score... and now we have two weeks before the NFC Divisional Playoff game. We will be there.

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