Monday, January 26, 2015

Auction Gallery

Regular readers of this site know that from time to time, we look through auction offerings and find some interesting things to display here in Packerville, U.S.A. That is the case today, and we start with an image of Arnie Herber and Clark Hinkle punting for the press cameras. According to the caption on the reverse side, they were practicing at DeWitt Clinton Park, New York, on November 8, 1934 in preparation for their upcoming game against the Giants.

Hinkle is seen here as well, but in 1938 during practice. 

The caption of this 1939 photo reads: “Captain Demonstrates Blocking — As his teammates watch, Milton Gantenbein, of the Green Bay Packers, demonstrates with the benefit of a make-believe football player, how to block effectively. The professional grid players are shown in Green Bay, Wis., August 15.”
(Associated Press)

Early 1960’s-era Green Bay Packers team-issued cuff links

The caption reads: “Arguably the rarest of all 1960's Green Bay Packers glasses (above and below), this 5.25" showpiece features an array of Lombardi era participants. Exhibiting Mint condition throughout, the glass pictures headshots of the following coaches and staffers: Vince Lombardi, Pat Peppler, Bill Austin, Norb Hecker, Red Cochran, Phil Bengston, Dad Braisher, Tom Fears, Bud Jorgensen and Tom Miller.” 

The caption reads: “Presented here (above and below) is a complete set of original blueprints representing the creation of the venue called “New City Stadium.” Bound along the left edge, the collection includes a total of sixteen 30" x 48" sheets that have been properly stored in a cardboard tube and originally sourced from architect John E. Somerville. Given to a friend of Somerville and then sold to our consignor, the blueprints present an array of eye appealing angles and details from the stadium that was dedicated to Packers cofounder Curly Lambeau, in 1965.”

To see more items offered by this seller, visit Heritage Auctions.

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