Thursday, October 02, 2014

Wow... What An Auction!

Doing a little online searching today brought us to this great selection of auction items up for bid. Starting us off is this game program from 1931 and a game against the Chicago Cardinals.

The back cover is an ad for the Joannes grocery in Green Bay. Lee Joannes was a very successful retail grocer. He was also the Green Bay Packers’ first security and was elected president of the team in 1930, a position he held for 17 years, helping to guide the team through the Great Depression, near bankruptcy and a stock sale. Several places are named for the Joannes family in Green Bay.

Also from 1931 is this game program from when the New York Giants came to town. 

From 1932, we have the Green Bay Packers Bulletin, announcing the coming game against the Cardinals.

And here is an ad for the game. Remember, all seats are reserved! 

Your 1936 Champs! 

1939 Green Bay Packers Press Book. Oh yeah, they won the NFL championship that year as well. 

The biggest little city in professional football! 

1940 Green Bay Packers Press Book. 

Ad artwork from a very different time... 

1944 Green Bay Packers Press Book. Another championship year! 

The professional football capital of Wisconsin! 

1953 standard NFL player contract. 

Packers 1956 home game schedule. Order tickets early!

Various Green Bay Packers letterhead from the 1960s. 

1960s-era team pennants. 

Lee Joannes, mentioned earlier, was honored along with Chicago Bears’ head coach George Halas at the Green Bay Elks Club Awards dinner in the spring of 1964. Unfortunately, the Bears were just off a 1963 NFL championship season.

1965 Packers schedule card from Rahr’s Beer. 

1966 silver tea set commemorating the team’s NFL championship that year. 

Ticket stubs from the 1967 NFL championship game, better known as “The Ice Bowl.” We understand they are still cold to the touch.

Above and below, game tickets for the First AFL-NFL championship — or Super Bowl I. 

This is Packers’ RB Donny Anderson’s helmet that he wore in the 1968 Pro Bowl game. We’ve never seen one of these up close. What’s interesting is that they just painted over his Packers helmet with gold paint and slapped on an NFL logo sticker. The stripes were changed to tape as well.

A Super Bowl II commemorative charm. 

The final game score is stamped on the reverse side. 

Super Bowl II commemorative pendant. 

A game ball (three views) from Super Bowl II, signed by game MVP QB Bart Starr. 

Game programs from the 1962, 1966m 1961, and 1965 NFL championship games. 

Starr’s personal equipment locker from the early Sixties.

If you’d like to bid on any of these items, please go to Heritage Auctions.