Sunday, July 27, 2014

“Ask Vic” Day & Annual Meeting

We’re trying to get caught up here in the Green Bay office of Packerville, U.S.A. Two practices of the Packers’ 2014  Training Camp have been attended by us and a few thousand others. We have plenty of photos, and we’re still going through them before we can post them here. But last Wednesday evening, we attended the “Ask Vic Day” event, which was held at Lambeau Field. “Vic” is Vic Ketchman, Editor/Producer with the Packers Media Group, which brings us He is the author of the daily question and answer column on that site. We read it every day, and have learned a lot from this seasoned sportswriter. At the event, President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers, Mark Murphy (above) also held a question and answer session with the attendees. 

Vic Ketchman spoke for a while before we were treated to a delicious dinner. 

The event was held in the club seats level of the North End Zone at Lambeau Field. This was the view during dinner.  

An evening view of Green Bay from the upper levels of Lambeau. This is looking Northeast.  

The buffet dinner was very good. Chicken, salmon, and lots of good stuff. 

After dinner, Vic held a “live” version of his questions and answers column. 

A view of the club seats level. 

This is how the field looks from that level, behind the glass in a comfort-controlled environment. 

The club seats. 

Looking out towards the East stands of the stadium. 

After the Q&A session, we all went up to the “North Loft” deck area to watch some movies, which were to be a surprise. They had Packers popcorn for us as well. 

Each table group also got to take a photo with Vic up on the roof. That’s your Packerville, U.S.A. editor at far right. 

Ever wonder what the roof of Lambeau Field looks like? Well, now you can stop wondering.  

Old Glory flying over Lambeau. 

Another roof view towards the Eastern side of Lambeau.  

They had chairs set up for us on the North Loft to view the movies. 

First up was the team’s official NFL Films production highlighting the 2013 season. 

Then, we were treated to the two-hour NFL Network film of “Vince Lombardi: A Football Life.” If you haven’t seen it and call yourself a Packers fan, shame on you (we’d seen it before on the network)

Above and below, sunset comes to Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

Looking at the West side of the stadium as dusk arrives. 

Another view of the North Loft. You can see that is is just below the giant HD video board. 

As the event concluded, we took this shot of Lambeau which is not seen too often by the public. 

Heading back to our car, we took this photo of the Bellin Health Gate, featuring the clock that is always set to “Lombardi Time” (15 minutes fast)

On Wednesday, we attended the annual Shareholders Meeting, which was also held in Lambeau Field. According to the newspaper, over 14,000 people were there. The best part is the annual Football Report, presented by GM Ted Thompson. It was a beautiful day, and we also made our first visit to the brand new Packers Pro Shop. More on that later. We’ll get some photos from the practices on the blog soon.