Wednesday, April 23, 2014

eBay Photo Day III

Another eBay Photo Day is at hand, following some extended time away from the blog. Things have been dead, fan-wise, in regards to the NFL, but that will change tonight with the release of the 2014 NFL schedule. Getting to the photos, above is an image from the 1938 NFL Championship, which saw the Packers fall short, 23-17. Bid on the photo here.

This shows the starting offense of the College All-Stars, who were defeated by the reigning NFL champion Packers by a score of 45-28 at Soldier Field in Chicago on August 29, 1940. Bid on the photo here.

The Packers attempt to gain some yardage agains the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 23, 1941. If that is correct, this game was played in Forbes Field, and Green Bay demolished their opponent, 54-7. Bid on photo here.

A nice colorful program cover for a November 1955 match-up at Green Bay’s City Stadium. The Packers won easily, 31-14. Bid on it here.

Hall of Fame HB Paul Hornung poses in a 1957 posed publicity shot. Bid on photo here.

Hornung is also depicted in this pencil illustration for the Wilson Sporting Goods Company in 1964. Love the face mask-less look. Bid on it here.

Apparently from a magazine (perhaps LIFE or LOOK?), CB Herb Adderley attempts to defense a pass against Cleveland WR Gary Collins. Bid on photo here.

A nice image of QB Bart Starr handing off to FB Jim Taylor in 1965 action. Bid on photo here.

The legendary Don Hutson takes a posed breather on the practice field in 1948. Bid on photo here.

Another beautiful photo of Starr barking out the signals for the snap from C Jim Ringo in early Sixties action from San Francisco’s Kezar Stadium. Bid on photo here

Jim Taylor in the mud-mania of the ’65 Championship game at Lambeau Field. Bid on photo here

Taylor makes the cover of SPORT in 1964. Bid on it here

RB Donny Anderson trying to avoid a fallen Jim Grabowski on the cover of this game program from 1968. Bid on it here.


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