Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo Miscellany

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” right? So, we thought we’d put up a selection of various things that really don’t all relate to each other. Above, we have an aerial view of Green Bay’s new City Stadium being built way out in the boondocks on the city’s western edge. This gives a good look at how the field and most of the stadium’s original seating “bowl” are below ground level.

New City Stadium (later to be renamed Lambeau Field) during the pre-game dedication activities. 32,132 fans attended the first game — a 21-17 upset of the Chicago Bears on September 29, 1957. No officially-licensed Packers apparel anywhere. If you look closely at the left side of the image, we have indicated the approximate location of both our “Green” and “Gold” season ticket seats. Too bad we weren’t alive yet in 1957.

Hearty fans during the NFL’s greatest game — the famed “Ice Bowl” (the 1967 NFL championship) on December 31, 1967. The ’58 NFL championship gets the “Greatest Game” vote everywhere but in the state of Wisconsin. 

Future Hall of Fame FB Jim Taylor at Louisiana State University. 

Packers’ RB Tom Moore tries to elude a Giants’ tackler in the frigid 1962 NFL championship game in New York’s Yankee Stadium. 

Something you don’t get a chance to see too often — heavy earth-moving equipment on the Lambeau Field playing surface during snow removal operations. 

From this year’s Steelers game, an image of the field tarp being removed by the grounds crew. If you go into the stadium when the gates open (usually two hours before game time), you might be able to witness this operation first-hand. 

This has nothing to do with Packers football, but once we saw the photo, it had to go up on the ol’ blog.
Photo credits: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, New York Post, Green Bay Packers.


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