Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vintage Photos

Our Packerville nerve center is back up and running, and we did not lose anything, but we are still having a few software issues. To make up for our non-activity during this past week, we thought we’d post some images found around the internet. More from us soon. Above, a staged publicity photo of HB Paul Hornung.

Hornung in his Army days. Back when Lombardi enlisted the services of President John F. Kennedy to make him available for the NFL Championship game in 1961.

Hornung 1960’s publicity shot. 

Hornung in the 1965 NFL Championship game in Green Bay. 

 Another 1960’s posed publicity shot.

Hornung in “Heisman pose,” with his Heisman Trophy. 

Hornung later in the Lombardi Era. 

Hornung at Notre Dame. 

Hornung’s fellow backfield mate, FB Jim Taylor in a posed publicity photo. 

Taylor pictured before an away game during a Sixties’ season. 

Another posed publicity shot.


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