Friday, November 08, 2013

Lambeau Field at Night — 11/08/13

Here are some photos that we took tonight out in the crisp November air of Green Bay, Wisconsin. After a delightful dinner at Chili John’s, we headed over to Lambeau Field and took these images.  

There was some sort of function going on somewhere in the Atrium, and this local taxi was outside waiting for some riders. Check out the decorations on top.  

A shot of the Bob Harlan Plaza area, which will change greatly in the next couple of years. 

A peek into a quiet Atrium on a Friday night during football season. The joint will be jumpin’ over the next couple of days. 

The Packers Pro Shop, which we’ll visit tomorrow, will be moving as part of the next phase of construction in the Atrium. It’s been ten years — time for an overhaul.   

A shot of the Atrium and Bob Harlan Plaza area. 

Vince Lombardi stands watch over the plaza area.  

Another Pro Shop angle. We’ll be taking plenty of photos for our own “before” and “after” comparisons in the coming years.  

A view showing both Mr. Lombardi and Mr. Lambeau in the plaza area.  

A further-back view of the plaza, which will all be excavated out, down to the Lombardi Avenue street level. The new Pro Shop will be located under the Atrium floor, with ground level access. 

Banners in the plaza area.  

A view along the west side of Lambeau Field, which faces Ridge Road.  

The new South End Zone entrance tower at night.