Friday, October 04, 2013

The Packer Fan(atic) Handbook (1999)

From the back cover: “You may be witty and the “Life of the Party” at gatherings — but now’s your chance to be even funnier! The Packer Fan(atic) Handbook contains more than 250 Packer jokes, barbs, quips, and well… just plain old fun in celebration of “America’s Team,” the Green Bay Packers. Among 30 cartoons and 50 photos, you’ll enjoy seeing Brett Favre in a “Super-Man” MVP costume, Vince Lombardi accepting the first-ever Super Bowl trophy and the last group pose of the defunct Packerette cheerleaders.” 

Here’s a couple of spreads to show you the idea of the content in this book. 

The back cover.

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The Packer Fan(atic) Handbook
By Daniel Edelstein
Badger Books LLC (1999)
96 pages