Saturday, October 19, 2013

Packers vs. Browns Retro

We’re looking forward to Sunday’s game, and looking back as well. When we think of the Green Bay Packers vs. the Cleveland Browns, our mind goes back instantly to the 1965 NFL Championship game. On that cold, sloppy day — January 2, 1966 — the Packers bested the out-of-town challengers by a score of 23-12 at newly-named Lambeau Field. It was Vince Lombardi’s third title, and the first of three in a row. It was also Cleveland Hall of Fame RB Jim Brown’s last game in the league.

Here is the team that won that day. As we said, we’ll be there on Sunday to see the 2013 appearance of the Packers’ “throwback” uniforms. We’d rather see them feature Lombardi Era uniforms with the long sleeves as seen above. Since they’re playing Cleveland, why not wear 1965 “throwbacks” and have Cleveland do the same? But they don’t listen to us. 

Sunday also marks our 100th Green Bay Packers game that we’ve attended. Through the years, this has meant games seen at Lambeau Field, Milwaukee County Stadium, and Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis. We’ve never been to an away game (yet), but with family in Minneapolis, San Diego, Houston, and Phoenix, who knows? We’ve also never paid more than face value for tickets to a Packers game. Coverage of Sunday’s contest will follow early next week. Go Pack!


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