Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Packers-Lions Game Weekend — Part III

The final part of our series from last Sunday’s Packers-Lions game features the game itself. Above, K Tim Masthay kicks off to start the action.

 The Detroit Lions huddle up on their first series.

DE Datone Jones (#95) tries to get QB Matthew Stafford, but can’t get there before the ball is released. 

QB Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ offense go to work deep in their own end. 

Rodgers gets off a pass. 

Out of the shotgun, Rodgers receives the ball while the linemen go to work. 

Non-zoomed in view from the Packerville, U.S.A. seats in the north end zone. 

Head Coach Mike McCarthy and WR Jordy Nelson (#87) confer with the officials about something they’re not happy about. 

Thousands of Packer fans  — 78,200 fans, which was a new record for Lambeau Field — enjoy the weather and the game. 

The swirling winds in Lambeau play havoc on the field, so safety M.D. Jennings (#43) has to hold the ball for Masthay to kick off.

The Packers’ defense stymies Lions’ RB Reggie Bush. 

The Packers’ bench area. 

The Lions’ bench area. 

The Lambeau Field drum line performs during a time out. 

Rodgers hands off to RB Eddie Lacy (#27), who sees some daylight ahead. 

Packers’ special teams huddle. 

Yep, WR Randall Cobb (#18) is still doing punt returns.

Packers’ huddle up close. 

The UW band splits up and performs throughout the stadium, making it seem more like a college game… or maybe an old-time NFL game. 

Lions’ QB Matthews Stafford has time to throw. But with WR Calvin Johnson out, his targets were more limited.

It’s October, in case you didn’t notice with all the pink blaring from NFL fields across the league. A wonderful cause, but pink doesn’t belong all over the players and the field. Aesthetically, it’s awful. 

The FOX broadcast booth. 

Lacy gained 99 yards on the day. Would’ve been nice to see him make it 100. 

Rodgers runs a bootleg. 

LB Robert Francois (#49) on one of his last plays of the season. He soon suffered an achilles tendon injury which ended his season. 

Rodgers has to run when there’s no one to throw to. 

Lacy fighting for some yardage. 

That’s it… the game is over. 

The final score on the Jumbotron. 

When the UW band is in town, stay and watch the “Fifth Quarter.” It’s a lot of fun. 

Band members do the “Lambeau Leap.” 

The two security guards on the field don’t seem to be enjoying it as much as the band members are. 

Above and below, what’s left at Lambeau after the fans go home. 

Fans leaving the stadium. 

Heading out for the drive back home. 

Only in Green Bay? 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this three-part summary of the Packers-Lions game weekend. Our goal is to provide a sense of what it’s like to be in Green Bay for a football game on a Fall weekend. Some of you may never get there in person, so that’s why we do what we do.


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