Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Packers-Lions Game Weekend — Part II

Our next post on the Packers-Lions game this past Sunday features the pre-game time at Lambeau Field. Above, we see some Detroit players going through their early warm-ups shortly after 10:00 a.m.

Game day workers being given their assignments on the Packers’ sideline.

Retro-logo for the Packers’ Equipment Department.

K Mason Crosby comes out early to try kicks from various distances as part of his warm-ups. Behind him, a Detroit staff member tests the radio receivers in the helmets to be worn by the QB and a defensive player.

Crosby’s pads and jersey.

Packers equipment on the sideline.

Another retro logo for the training staff.

Two-level FOX camera vehicle that we believe is new this year.

Mixing up the team’s Gatorade. Jugs of water, plus packets of Gatorade powder, plus ice — and an official “taster” that came by later to make sure everything was just right.

Access to the field is restricted to only people who know someone who knows someone.

One of the new scoreboards on the east and west sides of the boxes, plus a look at the WTMJ-Packers Radio Network broadcast booth (just above the 620 WTMJ sign, with the windows open).

Various broadcast equipment next to the FOX broadcast booth.

The FOX broadcast booth.

Camera guy on the other side of the FOX broadcast booth.

Above and below, various Packers players going through their warm-ups.

G T.J. Lang enjoying some tunes during his stretching and warm-ups.

K Mason Crosby making some kicks.

P Tim Masthay getting in some kicks of his own.

The equipment for printing out overhead photos of the opposing team’s formations.

Kickers’ conference.

Above and below, WR Jordy Nelson warming up.

LB Clay Matthews, back from a hamstring injury, would have his thumb broken in this game.

Above and below, a couple of views of pre-game Lambeau Field.

Above, and in the next two images, Packers fans stream into Lambeau Field on a gorgeous Fall Sunday.

The Packers come out for their team drills and warm-ups.

The Lions go through some practice snaps down in the north end of the field.

Lions partial team huddle.

The University of Wisconsin Marching Band was the featured entertainment for the game, as they are once each season.

The Packers run through some plays in the south end of the field.

After heading back into the locker room briefly, the team comes out for formal pre-game introductions which get the crowd fired up.

Always great to see an actual marching band on an NFL field, instead of just blaring the latest hip-hop hits over the PA system.

The UW band performs the national anthem. On the field also is a group of breast cancer survivors holding a giant pink ribbon.

The coin toss. Part III of our Packers-Lions game coverage will bring images from the game itself.

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