Monday, October 07, 2013

Packers-Lions Game Weekend — Part I

We are presenting photos from our trip to Green Bay for the Packers-Lions game this past Sunday. The Packerville, U.S.A. staff went up for the whole weekend, and we wanted to share a note about our Friday night dinner at the Union Hotel in De Pere, Wis., where every Packers coach has dined. We’ve been wanting to go there for a while now, and made a point to this time. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is nostalgic, and De Pere itself is a neat area to shop and dine. 

Lambeau Field as it appeared on Saturday morning, a day which never strayed from the “gloomy and wet” description.

We wanted to check out for ourselves the new construction at the southeast part of Lambeau. This summer, they were working on the new Oneida Nation Gate on the stadium’s east side, and it is now complete. They basically pushed the stairway much farther out into the parking lot.

Seen here is the new players’ facility, which fits right in with the initial design and “look” of Lambeau. Published news reports about this “Phase 2” of the construction project state that ““The Oneida Nation Gate has an expanded plaza extending into the east parking lot. A tunnel under the plaza will lead to a player parking area. Permanent rest rooms will be under the plaza. New player facilities are in the lower level of the stadium, including strength and conditioning rooms and a 35-by-50-yard practice walk-through area.” The new players’ parking area will be located in the dirt where the cranes are situated now.

This is the plaza area at the top of the steps. It is a large area. We like the nicely-designed little building structures at either side of the stairs that contain elevators.

This is the current players’ parking lot on the north side of the Oneida Nation Gate.

Looking out from the Oneida Nation Gate plaza towards the east, with the Don Hutson Center across Oneida Street. The structure to the left is the Tundra Tailgate Zone. And yes, that’s a giant piece of macaroni in the parking lot.

Another look at the new plaza in front of the Oneida Nation Gate.

This is the side of the new plaza gate which faces the current players’ parking lot.

And this is the tunnel through which the players will drive their vehicles under the plaza to their new parking area.

A more wide view of the new construction.

In other Saturday activity, here we see the broadcast crews getting set up on the south end of the stadium.

This is a view of the loading dock area of Lambeau, with the new south end zone structure above it.

Driving down Oneida Street on a wet fall day in Titletown. What a great town.

The Packers bring in former players to sign autographs on home game weekends, and on Saturday it was Packers’ DT Mike McCoy (1970-76) and C Larry McCarren (1973-84) in the Pro Shop.

There were three separate weddings going on at Lambeau Saturday afternoon/evening.

New artwork on display in the Lambeau Field Atrium — a logo of license plates.

The Atrium is usually hoppin’ on Saturdays during game weekends.

Lambeau Field tours are always popular.

Curly and Vince watch over a wet Robert E. Harlan Plaza.

Now it’s Sunday morning, and the rain has stopped as blue skies move in for game day.

Tailgating goes full force in Green Bay.

Walking to the stadium.

Walking to the stadium.

Ready to go in when the gates open at 10:00 a.m. We’ll bring Part II of this next.