Monday, September 23, 2013

Price Guide to Packers Memorabilia (1998)

Getting back into the series on books about the Green Bay Packers, we come to this handy guide which, while now 15 years old, can give some baselines to start with when figuring out the value of some of your Packers memorabilia. The Price Guide to Packers Memorabilia was the first of its kind back then, and we're not sure than anyone has tried to outdo or update it since. The author started the first Packers memorabilia store that we came into contact with many years before this book came out, then sold it and after a break came back to Green Bay and started another one, and then sold that business as well. We think there might have been a third one as well, but we're not sure. The best place in Titletown now for Packers memorabilia is:

The back cover.

Find your copy here.

Price Guide to Packers Memorabilia
By John Carpentier (1998)
Krause Publications Inc.
302 pages


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